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USB Beard Trimmer Review – You win some, you loose some

Ever since I've been growing out my facial hair for a bit I've been looking for a decent, affordable beard trimmer. So one day...

Xiaomi Mija Electric Shaver review

I bought this good-looking shaver. But does it do the job? Let's see if the Xiaomi Mija Electric Shaver is worth your money.

Blog – The Death of the Headphone Jack: Seven Stages of Grief

Introduction Earbuds have been a staple for personal audio for a very long time, and that’s not a weird thing. They are simple, relatively small...

Xiaomi 20L Leisure Backpack review

Xiaomi 20L Leisure Backpack Is a backpack really a gadget? No, maybe not! But the Xiaomi 20L Leisure Backpack is made by Xiaomi and you...

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