Xiaomi Mijia HD Webcam pc



Xiaomi Mi HD Webcam pc 丨Mini body, special for laptop
720p HD resolution│USB2.0 plug and play│compatible with mainstream operating systems
Features :
▪  720p HD resolution picture is clearer
Support 1280×720 high resolution, display screen details are more abundant
▪  No driver required, plug and play
USB 2.0 interface, can be opened and used without installing any driver,at the same time, it is compatible with mainstream operating systems onthe market, which is convenient and fast.
▪  Intimate design , easy installation
The unique card slot fixing method can be easily installed on the computer.
Specifications :
Product name : Xiaomi HD Webcam
Product size : 90x28x1 8.5mm
Resolution : 1280X720/640X480/640X360
Product weight : 34.5g
Interface type : USB 2.0
Wire length : 50cm
Drive type : free drive
Material/Color : Plastic Case/Silver

Support system : Windows 10 32/64 bit OS

Package Included ;

1 x Xiaomi HD WabCamera
1 x User Manual

Xiaomi HD Webcam
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Home-Automation compatibility
  • Price


A clean and minimalistic webcam. I bought this cam because my logitech is in front of my screen. But this cam is not really compatible with my 34 inch widescreen.


  • Short usb cord
  • Affordable


  • Short usb cord
  • Not for a curved monitor
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