Xiaomi Huohuo Automatic Wine Bottle Opener Kit Electric Corkscrew With Foil Cutter


Check out our review on the Xiaomi Huohou.

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We reviewed the Xiaomi Huohuo a while ago. An Automatic Wine Bottle opener from one of our favorite brands Xiaomi.

The features of the Xiaomi Huohuo:

  • [ Fast Open Bottles ] : 6 Seconds To Open The Bottle
  • [ Easy Operation ] : Sample Operation,Just One Key To Open
  • [ Continue To Open Bottles ] : Xiaomi Huohuo has a Long Battery Life, Can Open 70 Bottles
  • [ Portable design ] : Universal Interface,Charging Anywhere

With the included cutter you have to remove the foil, that the reason they call this a opener kit. Then use the Xiaomi Huohou opener to open within 6 seconds your wine. Because of the dimensions of the Xiaomi Huohou Wine Bottle Opener it’s not that handy to take it with you to work, friends or family. It’s easy to charge with the included micro-USB cable (into computer or phone charger)

Xiaomi did a good job to work with the Xiaomi Huohou to create an very functional and well designed automatic wine bottle opener. It is a great help for wine drinkers. It can automatically remove the wine cork without any wood chips falling off.
In about six seconds you can open a bottle without any sweat. Because of the looks, price and functionality it become a perfect gift!


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