Oclean Z1 Smart Electric Toothbrush




You want the best care for your teeth, so you want the best toothbrush and preferably an electric one. But once you’ve bought an electric toothbrush you start noticing that not just the toothbrush is expensive (and you did not even choose the most luxurious version, but also the replacement toothbrushes are. Luckily, the brand Oclean releases electric toothbrushes that are affordable, well-features and also the replacement brushes are not that expensive. We sometimes review personal care products,  and we are interested what this smart toothbrush has to offer. The Oclean Z1 Smart Electric Toothbrush seems to fill the hole that the major brands leave open. This by offering a decent smart electric toothbrush at an attractive price point integrated with the Oclean app.

Features of the Oclean Z1

The Oclean Z1 smart electric toothbrush is a very personalized smart toothbrush. When you connect your toothbrush to the Oclean App, you can get more than 20 brushing options and customize hundreds of them. Oclean Z1 supports 32 intensity levels, which is safe use for sensitive teeth, loose teeth, artificial crowns, and dentures. It can identify and monitor 8 areas to thoroughly clean your teeth and help improve your oral health.

Main Features

  • Magnetic brushless motor: low noise and long service life.
  • Blind zone detection: Built-in 6-axis gyroscope can identify 8 areas of your oral and detect blind zones.
  • 32 intensity levels: you can choose the best intensity to brush your teeth.
  • German non-metal tufting: provide higher the bristles density and more powerful cleaning efficiency.
  • Easy to operate: combine the features together, simply the steps of operation,
  • Portable size: you can carry it to travel, camping or business trip.
  • IPX7 waterproof and lightweight.
  • Magnetic suction metal ring: 30 days super long standby time and 2 hours for fully charging.

Replacement Brush heads for the Oclean Z1

Oclean has a number of replacement brush heads available that are compatible with a large part of their product line. These replacement brush heads also work for the Oclean Z1 and are very affordable and available in Warm White and Sky Blue, but also more exotic colors like Light Pink.

The Oclean App

You can download the Oclean App here.

Oclean App

It allows you to monitor your brushing, plan the way to your care for your teeth, send you reminders and report on how well you brushed. The Blind Zone Detection allows the app to show display which zones have been brushed properly and which zones need some work. It sounds a bit gimmicky but it is something that is available if you decide to use it. But if you just want to use the Oclean Z1 without the Oclean App, you can.




Oclean Z1 Smart Electric Toothbrush Review
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Price


The Oclean Z1 is a well equipped Xiaomi Smart Electric Toothbrush that has 32 modes of intensity and can be connected to an app. With Blind Zone Detection all your teeth will be properly brushed every time. This all at a very good price. The big cons on this device is the unstable docking stand and the fact that you need to register in order to use the Oclean app.


  • Good quality
  • Well priced, not just the Toothbrush but also the replacement heads.
  • Nice features like Blinde Zone Detection
  • App integration


  • No USB adapter included.
  • Stand is a bit unstable.
  • Brush heads are not compatible with Philips heads.
  • You need to register to use the Oclean app.
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