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Learn how to integrate gadgets into the home automation platform Domoticz with these tutorials. DIY, hacks, and stories to help you automate your home and make it a smart(er)-home. More information on my own setup can be found here. So lets get started.

Getting Started

Choosing for Domoticz  |   Choosing Hardware, Brands and Protocols  |  Basic installation on Raspberry PI3 Bb

Configuring the Basics

Security DashboardsNaming Conventions  |  Backups  |  Themes, Icons and Floorplans  | Plugin Manager

Advanced Configuration and other cool stuff

Database  |  Monitoring  |  Build your own Zigbee gateway  | Text to Speech  |  Custom Icons

Scripting and Blocky Possibilities

Backup to Share  |  Automate your Sunscreen  |  Monitor your Washing MachineGetGarbageDays  | Automate Robot Vacuum

Most recent tutorials

Domoticz tutorial database

Domoticz database

Domoticz saves everything in his own Domoticz database file. You only have to backup and keep it safe. On this page a few tips and tricks.
machinon domoticz home automation switches_x4

New Domoticz theme in town: Machinon

A great new theme for Domoticz named machinon. It's still a work in progress theme but it's looking fabulous, clean and fresh. Best theme 2018!
Domoticz compatible products

Domoticz Compatible Buy list

For those who will start with Domoticz or expand. Everything here is tested and is compatible with Domoticz. All those products are linked to...
Domoticz tutorial

Domoticz Dashboard

The most used page of Domoticz is the Dashboard page. It's the landing page when you use Domoticz. The dashboard shows all the...
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum in Domoticz

Adding the Xiaomi Mii Robot Vacuum into Domoticz

Learn how to control your Xiaomi Robot vacuum with your voice using Controlicz Domoticz and google home/Alexa.
Home-assistant logo

Connecting Yeelight to Logitech Harmony

We are a big fan of the Yeelight platform as it offers allot of smart lighting at a very interesting price. One...
Domoticz tutorial


Be safe and backup Domoticz with a script!

How to improve your Zigbee network!

Improve you zigbee network with these tips!
Smart Home Setup with Domoticz

My Smart Home Setup with Domoticz

Welcome to my Smart Home Setup with Domoticz page, on this page, I proudly present the products and software I use to...
Tutorial Domoticz Sunscreen script

Make you Sunscreen smart with dzVents Scripting

Intro I have a sunscreen with a Somfy motor (I can control it by Domoticz through my rflink and RFXCom) but wanted to automate it. ...
Tutorial domoticz_camera

Xiaomi 1080p Xiaofang Camera review

XIAOMI 1080p XIAOFANG CAMERA Intro The small Xiaomi 1080p Xiaofang is a...

Domoticz Python Plugin manager

From now on its easier than ever to install new hardware in Domoticz, because Domoticz finally has his own Python Plugin manager for external components. It's still work in progress and not included in the beta but easy to install.
Domoticz tutorial Monit

Monitoring your Domoticz

Monitor Domoticz When you trying scripts or plugins, or install the latest beta a crash of Domoticz can happen. With Monit, you can monitor Domoticz...