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Zigbee (zigbee2mqtt) the best for Home Automation.

DIY Zigbee Gateway with zigbee2mqtt

Lots of users already have some smart hardware from brands like Hue, Ikea or Xiaomi. And every brand has his own separate bridge or...

Simplelink CC2652 2.4G Zigbee2MQTT stick

  • Affordable
  • Antenna and good chip for great range
  • Zigbee 3.0 compatible
  • Plastic case
zigbee 3.0 smart socket

BW-SHP13 Zigbee 3.0 Smart Socket

Brand BlitzWolf®
Model BW-SHP13
Plug Standard EU
Input Voltage&Current AC110~250V 50Hz/60Hz 16(MAX)
Wireless Type Zigbee 3.0
Compatible Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Operating Temperature 0℃-40℃ RH≤80%
Shell Material Flame Retarding V0 Class ABS+PC
Product Size 46*46*82mm  
zzh! CC26X2R1 build +antenna

ZZH! A zigbee 3 stick based on CC2652R

zig-a-zig-ah! zzh! in short is a USB Zigbee dongle based on the Ti new generation CC2652R chip. Zigbee 3 with a great range and so powerful that it can handles over 100+ zigbee devices. In a premium casing with small external antenna. It can be flashed with the zigbee2mqtt firmware without the need of external devices.
zigbee guide

nr 1 Zigbee Buying Guide: The best one for starting with Zigbee!

Zigbee Buying Guide for starting wth zigbee.
Xiaomi Gateway 3

Xiaomi Gateway 3: Highly hackable! Pair unsupported Zigbee & Bluetooth devices and get them...

Xiaomi Gateway 3 is Highly hackable, pair third party Zigbee and even Bluetooth devices and get them into Home-Assistant!
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Gateway 3 (ZNDMWG03LM) zigbee3 top front

Best Xiaomi Mijia Smart Multi-Mode Gateway 3 (ZNDMWG03LM) Zigbee 3 and BLE review

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Multi-Mode Gateway 3 (ZNDMWG03LM) has Zigbee 3 and BLE. This make the v3 a great successor!
zzh! CC26X2R1 build +antenna

zzh! CC2652R Zigbee 3 USB stick, The best gateway for zigbee2mqtt

  • Use as a zigbee 3 gateway
  • USB dongle with Zigbee 3 adapter
  • Very powerful, handles 100+ devices.
  • Very good range (due to external antenna)
  • Coordinator firmware: Zigbee 3.0 (use CC26X2R1_*.zip)
  • No additional hardware needed to flash, only this Flashing guide
zzh! CC2652R Zigbee 3 USB stick
Alfawise Z1 Smart Home Security Kit

Alfawise Z1 Zigbee Smart Home Security Kit

Neat! Time to review a Zigbee security kit that potentially compete with the Xiaomi Aqara smart home solutions. The Alfawise Z1: marketed as a...
zigbee2mqtt, the best for Home Automation.

New Zigbee2MQTT version now supports Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates!

Zigbee2MQTT supports now OTA Firmware updates!!
Zigbee (zigbee2mqtt) the best for Home Automation.

Build your own Universal Zigbee logic sensor by modifying a Xiaomi sensor

Sometimes you want to integrate some of the old technology into a smart home environment, but there is not the right sensor available. So...
zigbee2mqtt, the best for Home Automation.

Zigbee2MQTT 1.7: New minor version with new major features!

Zigbee2MQTT 1.7 is a new minor version with new major features

Wireless Zigbee CC1352P Sniffer Bare Board

Is it a bird, is it a plane or a graphics card on the loose? Nope, the CC1352P is a bare board that you...