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Integrate the best Xiaomi Mi Scales in Home Assistant

Integrate Xiaomi Scales into Home assistant and makt your scale smarter with this tutorial

Tuya Smart Life integrated into Home Assistant

Add devices into Smart Life from Tuya so they can be used in Home Assistant.

My Smart Home setup with Home Assistant

This is my smart home setup with Home Assistant. Read what components I use to measure, monitor and automate to make my house smarter.

ESP32 Camera In Home Assistant

With this cheap ESP32 device the possibilities are endless. Create a cheap security cam or hundred of other options.

Comparison between Domoticz and Home Assistant in 2019

Domoticz vs Home Assistant in 2019. A detailed comparison between the 2 best open-source home automation platforms.

Top 10 uses for Home Assistant without buying extra hardware

Great uses of Home Assistant without buying extra hardware. Did you know you can order a pizza through Home Assistant?

Zigbee in Home Assistant

Build your own Zigbee gateway and get rid of the other expensive ones! In this tutorial you learn to build install and use it.

News: Logitech breaks Harmony connection to Home Assistant

And how to fix this Update 18-12: Logitech support has responded to the issue and ask for some patience so they can follow up on...

Xiaomi Gateway 3: Highly hackable! Pair unsupported Zigbee & Bluetooth devices and get them into Home-Assistant!

Xiaomi Gateway 3 is Highly hackable, pair third party Zigbee and even Bluetooth devices and get them into Home-Assistant!

2020 for smart home: What did 2020 bring to your Smart Home?

In this article we look back at 2020 and in particularly Smart Homes! But we will also will check what 2021 brings in term of smarter homes.

Gadget reviews and Smart Home automation tutorials

We ❤️ Gadgets and Smart Home Automation stuff!With brands as Yeelight, Xiaomi, Oclean and Blitzwolf, there is always something to review! We use Home...

Alfawise Z1 Smart Home Security Kit

The Alfawise Z1 Smart Home Security Kit consists of WiFi/Zigbee gateway, Zigbee Smart door and window magnetic sensor, Zigbee human sensor and Zigbee temperature...

Alfawise Z1 Zigbee Smart Home Security Kit

Neat! Time to review a Zigbee security kit that potentially compete with the Xiaomi Aqara smart home solutions. The Alfawise Z1: marketed as a...
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